Fashion and style: Discover the differences

Fashion is currently the trend, i.e. what is on show in magazines, on TV and on fashion roads. Right now, fashion is what is fashionable.

At the other side, style is peculiar to everyone. It is the individual opinion of the consumer, his own choice of clothing and accessories. The style has been changed and adjusted to match the personality and body of each individual.

The difference between fashion and style

Mode and style are usually used in these days, however, it is difficult for many people to differentiate between the two. It’s the following:

Mode is made from clothing, accessories and shoes, but the style is how you wear them. If you talk about trendy men, they are the ones who follow it irrespective of whether or not style really suits them.


2The trend is difficult to keep up with as it varies by decade, year, season, or even on weekdays. There are no constants. All is considered today may be different tomorrow.

3The real stylish individual understands and respects the law, but intentionally defies them and violates them, bends and interprets them however he wishes. The special characteristic of style is that it can adapt to other patterns in fashion but can also make a single spin.

While style vs fashion is related terms, they are separated by a thin line of individualism.

The trendy people use fashion to upgrade their looks as an accessory. It is only a prop for them that they can use to enhance their style statements.

The fashion success be determined by on the adequacy of mass; one tries to achieve another, while style does not demand success because it is acceptability by individuals rather produced to match each other.

Mode is fluid and changes now and then, but style is individual and everlasting.