Difference between culottes and wide leg pants

In the past few seasons, you have probably found these words in your quest for shopping — culottes, gauchos, and palazzo pants.

And you might wonder, if you see them, how different they are because they have a very similar design. They’re wide-legged pants in all different colors and fabrics, so why are they three different names?

Although the words are often used interchangeably, the distinctions between these two types are actually subtle.

Below, we are breaking down the debate of difference between culottes and wide leg pants and the way palazzo pants suit this confusion.

Difference in fitness

Palazzo pants are a specific type of broad-legged pant and have their own features. Width leg pants are comfortable, normally straight from thigh to ankle, but they are more generous in fitness with palace pants. Palazzo pants are very wide throughout the hip, cut to flare on the waist.

Differences in clothing

The choice of fabric is a tell-tale difference between wide leg pants vs culottes. A lightweight tissue is a distinctive palace feature. Sometimes made of silk, cotton or chiffon, palazzos look like pajama bottoms.

Wide leg pants can, however, be made from a variety of fabrics from cotton to linen and tweed. The versatility of textiles allows broad-legged pants to be worn over the seasons, though palace pants are best suited for warm weather.

clothingWhen it’s going to wear

Wide legs are a flexible pant that, depending on the fabric, can be used for any occasion in any season. Wide- pants can be a staple in every wardrobe, from casual to dressy.

Palazzo pants are less comfortable. Although they can be worn from day to night, palaces are best worn from spring to late summer.

Wide leg pants provide much more choices when paired with a top and accessories. Think blazers, shirts and chunky shoes for a large-legged look.